Saturday, July 29, 2006

Oh Mother.

My parents are in town this week.

My mom created this lovely image.
I know it's dificult to believe that she's never used a wacom tablet before because of the technical and artistic geius of this piece, but it's true.

She thinks the best one is the one "with the creepy mouth."
My favourite is the one with a slice of bread head. It reminds me of Shokupanman, "Anpanman's closest and most handsome superhero friend. His head is a slice of white bread and he is the patron superman of school lunches. Shokupanman's secret headquarters is deep inside of Toaster Mountain. " If you are not familiar with Anpanman, you should go here:

Sweet living bread.


Elliot said...

It would appear you have put up a link to my blog.
How nice.
My name is Elliot Cowan though, Launceston is where I was living...

Mauricio said...


I saw your commnet in the blog of Elliot.

You have a nice work, congratulations