Sunday, February 24, 2008

sidne sylvestri wears her cats

yes she does. they seem to like it.


kordobez said...

great draws!!!
I really like your blog!!!
im gonna put you
in my favourites!!!

from argentina

Oso The Bear said...

love ur scketeches, always did

Sean Covernton said...

Like Cruella DeVille but if the coat was made of puppies sewn together while ALIVE!

Skid said...

hahahaha! these are totally awesome, i dig it.
and they love it.
except maybe alice, but she secretly loves it. i can tell.

mayhem said...

Great sketches. Lots of energy, and i love the weighting of the cats!

Honkbarn said...

Nice drawings. I can't decide whether to buy a cat that matches my new shoes or adopt a child that matches my new belt.

janis said...

i feel like you are misrepresenting their true nature. I think you drew them as how Sid sees them. Maybe you should do another one showing what they are REALLY like: Evil, scheming cat beings!! ... ;) but seriously, monroe is out to get me.