Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was gonna post some other stuff tonight but my scanner is broken. So instead, here is a birthday card I made for Sid awhile ago. Nothing says happy birthday like a rodeo frog.

I just went through my blog archive and realized what a bad year 2008 was for me in an arty way. For some reason I thought I wanted to draw and paint more realistically. I think some alien leech must have slipped into my ear and controlled my brain. I can pin point the time when things really went down hill. It was when I had to paint realistic cars everyday. It was the most creatively numbing thing. I HATE drawing cars. If I ever am asked to do something like that again, I will probably quit and serve coffee until I find something NOT realistic and car related. I am now trying to fix the situation by watching Donald Duck and Looney Toons and ordering a ton of books with Mary Blair stuff in them. When I was a kid I loved how round, appealing, and colourful the Donald and Mickey shorts were. Looney Toons were on every Sunday night, and luckly my dad loves them as much as I do, so we watched them every week. (Actually, my dad still gets excited about those cartoons...he's a really good dad.) And I know that I loved the colours in Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella many years before I knew who Mary Blair was. So I am trying to overdose on those things I love.

Holy fucking shit am I glad that's over.


Honkbarn said...

That was a great novel I just read. I like the froggy.

Aaron said...

that frog is super duper. I like how you color things and it looks good!

Skid said...

With all that in the past its time to move forward!
I actually like drawing cars...but cartoony fun the ones in that george trosley book. He makes it fun by adding neat words like "do your best!" and "keep it rad!"