Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patti's Illustrated Journal

My sister came to visit me. She thought it would be a good idea to keep an illustrated journal of our time together. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. The titles are her's as well.
DAY UNO (Sushi )

DAY DUO (Pedaphyle)

DAY TRIO (Birthday noodles)

DAY QUATRO (Musical Snack)

DAY FIVO (Fishes and Stuff)
DAY SIXO (Volleyball Champs and Sleep)

DAY SEVENO (In the Thick of It)

DAY EIGHTO (Evil Nature Day)


patti said...

noddle splatter. evil. hedgehogs. evil. foreply martinis. delicious, but evil. not being in vancouver. evil. evil. evil. meghan shaw. i miss you. thanks for showcasing my work, and opening my heart. "isn't it just great when family comes together?" ha.
miss u.
p diddy

Aaron said...

I really think there was noticeable improvement in the skill of those drawings over the course of the week. All your other stuff looks great by the way!

janis said...

I like that noodles feature nearly as heavily as the drinks. Also,...still have so much love for the evil hedgehog drawing. I can't believe meghan posted such a slanderous thing about her beloved little pet.

Skid said...

i love that bloody thirsty animal on that last page. its great! though im disappointed that the skunk drawing didn't make it :(

meg i have something for you! and its not hot and steamy

patti said...

ian't it nice that the whole family is artistic? thank goodness no one is left out of from feeling talented...