Saturday, August 12, 2006

Animals are cute

These are some birthday cards I made recently. The subject matter is inspired by a recent trip to Tofino. It was really incredible up there. We were with my parents, so we got to do the touristy stuff like sea kyaking and whale watching.
Wild life sightings report: grey whale, humpback whale, sea otters, seal, starfish, anemone, murres, some other things that live in the ocean, bald eagles and some seagulls.
I decided to feature the otters. Why? because they are the cutest.

Speaking of sea otters.... I took my parents to the aquarium while they were in Vancouver, and my dad and I were watching a sea otter playing with a pool noodle. Then I hear this kid say, "is that it's penis," and I was thinking to myself, "no, stupid. That's a pool noodle." But then the sea otter faced me and I realized that the kid wasn't really that stupid. The sea otter was definitely having a sexual encounter with the pool noodle, and continued to do so the whole time the beluga show was going on next door.

I decided not to feature that scene on the birthday card for my grandfather. The sea otters in Tofino appeared to be very chaste.

There is one more card that belongs with this post, but I didn't get a chance to scan. Hopefully my sister will be so kind to scan it and e-mail me the file.


yums said...

What is it with sea otters this week? Everyone brings them up when I'm hanging out with them. The other day my friend showed me video clips of otters at the aquarium and was talking about how the otters were getting it on in front of the kids. On the news this week there was a story of a lady whose 2 dogs were attacked and almost drowned by a psychotic river otter somewhere in the States. The lady said she had to save her dogs so she jumped in the river and had to repeatedly punch the otter and admitted she felt pretty bad, cuz the otter was very cute. "I just started punching at it! It was really cute, but it was drowning my dogs!" she proclaimed to the newscaster. It was funny.

tulanoodle said...

wow those are amazing! I especially love the birds, but the otters are really awesome to. Makes me feel guilty for not doing much with colour. You're amazing!

party for my enemies said...

The otters are real cute.

elephantmarchblog said...

These are great. Yeah, the otters at the aquarium are great, I love 'em. The sea lion scarred the hell out of me the first time it popped it's head out of the water.

Rick Capistrano said...

I like sea otters too.

but that's a crazy story tho,yums. do u have a link to the article?

Sonja said...

I love puffins so much-- I'd so party with a puffin. Your inking is super: lots of control!